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Characteristic for our work

Medexponet is a Hungarian company, which works on the field of:  healthcare management, hospital management, medical equipment management (market research), business advise, as well as the professional for business development and online marketing related to it of small and middle size companies. Experience of several decades made us and exclusive business partner, who can effectively add to your well reason decisions to the selecting of information. The secret of our company’s services is that we offer our partners: personal, individual, in everday business life useful, complex service.

Medexponet is the leading business partner for the development of equipment management of Hungarian healthcare institutions helping their effectivity. We mainly support our businesspartners on the fields of healthcare, medial equipment, business development and IT.

That we offer our partners:

– strategy services advice
– support of special medical equipment management
– advice for the development of organisations
– procurament of medical equipment


– clinics
– private clinics
– other healthcare service companies